Training Rate & Fees

Transparency in training rates and fees is paramount to fostering trust and ensuring informed decision-making. We aim to provide clear and concise information regarding our training services, enabling clients to understand the investment required for professional development. We strive to maintain straightforward pricing structures, detailing the cost of each training program or session and any additional fees upfront. By promoting transparency, we aim to cultivate an environment where clients feel confident in the value they receive and can make educated choices aligned with their objectives.

If you want to secure a training session, please review our Training Rates/Fees and Availability Calendar. If our training rates and fees fall within your budget and you can identify available dates on our Availability Calendar, schedule a Training Inquiry Meeting.

How To Book a Training

  • Step One: Submit a Training Inquiry form.
  • Step Two: After meeting with Kelvin Oliver, email him which date(s) you would like to book.
  • Step Three: Complete the Training Contract Request Form if he confirms availability. Once he confirms availability, a tentative hold is placed on the date(s).

Training Contract

Leaving The Village LLC operates solely under the terms and conditions in its contract and does not sign contracts provided by clients. Training Contracts are sent via DocuSign on Mondays. Both parties must sign the contract within two weeks of the Monday it was sent via DocuSign, or it will become invalid. If it becomes invalid, the tentative hold will be released.

 Training, Consultations & Keynotes

The Training Session & Consultation base rate for 50 participants or less is $5,000.  Any additional participants over 50 will be charged $2,500 per 25 additional participants.

Training Session & Consultations


up to 50 attendees

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This is the base rate for training sessions for up to 50 attendees and does not include travel accommodations & overnight lodging.

  • Travel accommodations are not included. 

Attendees Rate 


per increment of 25

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The additional attendee rate is for each increment of 25 (i.e., 51-75, 76-100, etc.). 

  • Travel accommodations are not included. 



for Keynote and up to 2 breakout sessions

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Keynote pricing is for larger conferences that provide our speaker(s) exposure to various potential future clients.
  • Travel accommodations not included 

Travel Accommodations

Travel Accommodation covers expenses such as flights, car rentals, and other day-to-day travel expenses not covered by funds collected for Overnight Lodging & Food. Travel rates are calculated based on the distance from Washington, D.C.

Less Than 100 Miles From Washington D.C. 

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Over 100 Miles From Washington D.C.

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Over 1,000 Miles From Washington D.C.

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Overnight Lodging & Food

Overnight Lodging & Food account for day-to-day travel expenses, such as lodging (e.g., hotels), gas, parking fees, and meals.

Daily Lodging & Food Rate (2 Days Minimum) = $250/per day